15 Mar 2011

Why Sierra Vista Arizona?

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Our market is great, contrary to what you may have heard. In our area we never had the huge “bubble” that most of Arizona experienced. Average home price currently is about $190,000. Lowest price I have seen lately is $39,900 for site built. (yes, it is still available.)

Sierra Vista is still a great place to retire, and a great “small town” to raise your family! (I know both, been here 27+ years!) We have the small town feel, but yet we do have a mall with Dillards as an anchor and Sears on the other end. We even have a 12 screen Cinemark! Every fast food you can imagine, (thanks to the military influence) and even a few “fine dining” experiences! We are well into winter with our coldest day so far being 64*. But then, that is about normal for our winter. We have snow, but it stays up on the Huachuca Mountains where it belongs! In January we will have some days that drop into the 50’s, and honestly I have seen snow here in town, but it is generally gone the next day. So for all of you snow country folk, come on down! The weather and the town are great!


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