15 Mar 2011

Why not Sierra Vista Arizona?

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Well, we have had nearly 2 weeks worth of temperatures in the 70’s. Wow, and Christmas is only 10 days away! What a great place to live! Sierra Vista, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a quaint community of approximately 50,000 nestled in a valley, completely surrounded by several unique mountain ranges. We are also the birding capitol of the nation! I understand we have several species of birds that are unique to the area, to include exotics from Mexico and several varieties of Hummingbirds. Our area seems to be in the migration path of many different species. It was really funny last week to look out and see a brown crane perched on my neighbors shed. I have also seen them on people chimneys as they are passing through. The Huachuca mountains are the closest mountains, within 15 miles of the center of town. We have a few different waterfalls, the most famous being the Ramsey Canyon falls, which is open for hiking. Hiking in Ramsey Canyon is actually my Aunts favorite thing to do when she visits from south Texas. We have Kartchner Caverns just down the road, and many small caves that are great if you are interested in spelunking. Remember, if you want to go to the Caverns, you have to make an appointment. Every now and then they will take walk-ins, but typically you will want to call ahead so as not to be disappointed. Call me with any questions you may have about our area, I am a 27 year native. Happy Holidays!


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