15 Mar 2011

Where is Sierra Vista Arizona?

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Sierra Vista Arizona is located in Cochise County Arizona. We are about an hour to an hour and a half southeast of Tucson Arizona, 4 hours south from Phoenix Arizona. Cochise County is the largest county in Arizona, and the least populated. We take up almost the entire southeast quadrant of the state. Sierra Vista is the largest town in Cochise County with a population of around 50,000, not including Ft. Huachuca, our next door neighbor. Sierra Vista was incorporated in 1958 and was mainly a military town for many years. Not that we don’t somewhat still depend on our military neighbor, however, we are now growing and developing more on our own not necessarily due to military influence. We have the largest hospital in Cochise County, and the only one that delivers babies! We also have a helo pad on the roof for serious problem, University Medical Center of Tucson is only 20 minutes away by helicopter ride. Folks have found that we are a great place to retire, and personally I believe a great small town to raise your children. My children are natives, having moved here when the oldest started kindergarten and the youngest was almost 3. And yes, my children are now 28 and 30 years of age respectively, and both highly successful! Please call me if you would like more information on Sierra Vista! (I love to talk!)


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