09 Oct 2012

Voodoo Cookies!

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Well. last week was my birthday.  My youngest daughter, Amy, asked me what kind of cake I might like, but I asked for her older sister, Cara’s, chocolate chip cookies instead. Typically my two daughters do not share recipes and Cara would have made them for me, except that she moved to the Phoenix area in January due to a job change for her Husband.  So, Amy set out to get the super-secret recipe from her older sister.  First, Amy was making Halloween costumes for Cara’s 3 kids, so she asked for the recipe in return, then, just to make sure she would get it, she said that Mom had requested them for her birthday.  (Double Wammy! A can’t say no situation!)

Cara emailed a semi-recipe, which Amy and I both knew immediately was not the correct one, Cara claimed that these where “Free Spirit cookies!”  Another words, what ever she had at the time, she used and it may or may not be the same as the ones I liked so much.  Amy and I conferred over the recipe and immediately saw a couple of problems.  First, her recipe called for white flour, when I knew for sure that the ones I liked where whole wheat.  Next it called for white sugar, and she had told me at the time when she made them before, that the cookies where “all organic”, so I knew she must have used organic sugar as well.  We called Cara and she said that she most likely ground her own wheat berries for the whole wheat flour as she doesn’t even use white flour, (why did she write white flour on the recipe then?) and she most likely used turbinado sugar since it is organic and that is what she prefers.  Oh, and by the way, you need to use organic European butter from the Whole Foods store.  Also, be sure to use both premium milk chocolate chunks and premium semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Then we go into great detail about measuring the ingredients and combining the dry and liquids.  This also, according to Cara, involves praying at key times, them cursing at them when you remove them from the oven.  I am not making this up, I swear!

So Amy, being the good daughter that she is, goes to the Food Co-op in our small town and buys the uber expensive ingredients that are called for and freezes the wheat berries in preparation to grind.  Cara calls at the last minute to tell her to also add premium real vanilla.  (She actually had some.)  Amy is a baker extraordinaire, so was able to not only correctly interpret the correct measurements, but also managed to combine everything just so.  She added freezing the dough once the cookies where on the pan before baking.  They actually turned out PERFECT!  Oh Yum!  They where truly spectacular.

I shared my cookies with several friends who also loved them.  Amy chose to call them ‘Cara’s Voodoo Cookies’ after all the work and expensive ingredients she went through.  Amazing cookies, the best chocolate chip cookies I and most of my friends have ever tasted.  I have genius girls.  Cara for coming up with the recipe, and Amy for her patience in getting them correct and in writing so that they can be duplicated.  Would you like to try some of my Voodoo cookies?  Come visit me and if I don’t have any on hand I’ll have a fresh batch made!  LOL!  Thank you to both of my daughters for a truly entertaining and delicious batch of Birthday ‘Voodoo cookies’!

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