15 Mar 2011

Sierra Vista Shopping

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While we are not a tremendously large city here in Sierra Vista, we do have plenty of shopping available for the average person, and if you need mega shopping, Tucson is only an hour away. We do boast our own mall in Sierra Vista, anchored at each end by Sears and Dillards. In between we ha such diverse shops as GNC, Famous Brand Shoes, 2 nail shops, Payless shoes, Melrose, Claires, Oriental Massage, Spencers, and more I can’t think of off the top of my head. Included also, is the food court and of course the phone kiosks! Yes, it is a real mall! In town we have K-mart, Target, and the Brand new Super Wal-mart. Ross, Marshalls, Staples, Petsmart, The Harley shop and more! For Groceries we have Safeway, Frys, Food City and now the Super Wal-mart. We also just opened the Food co-op which is all organic, though a little pricey for me, but every Thursday from 11:00 to about 5:00 hey have a wonderful Farmers Market, open to all. many organic farmers and bakers from the area are regulars. We even have a farmer who sells organic goats cheese, and one that sells alpaca related items, soaps, lotions and more!

Our little corner isn’t exactly a culinary destination, but it’s not to shabby either We have several unique ‘niche’ restaurants that are privately owned and operated in the area and offer a range of foods from Italian and German to Korean and Japanese. We have a small Italian restaurant, Sophias, that was opened a few years ago, and the owners is the brother of the first Hells Kitchen winner! Bisbee and Tombstone are also not to be missed when you’re looking for delicious treats. There is a wonderful wood fired pizza restaurant located in Bisbee on Main Street called The Screaming Banshee, they make the dough fresh each day from a sourdough mother, and it’s a real treat!

We have many parks and walking paths around the city as well. There are plenty of places to walk, ride bikes, or just get out for some fresh air with your little, (or furry, we have a dog park) ones! Sierra Vista is a diverse city with plenty to do if you’re interested in a small city life with all the conveniences! Call me today to find out more, or to find your dream home.


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