10 Sep 2012

Realtor Property Resource

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I am very excited to be adding a new program to my reporting tools!   Realtors Property Resource (RPR for short) has been added to our mls selection for those Realtors who choose to utilize it.  I took the class and went straight back to my office to order the program as I was so impressed.  I was immediately able to use the program to create an extensive report for my Mortgage Lender to use for an interview for a refinance outside of our mls area.  The client was most impressed and she got the refinance.  I was most impressed.


 RPR is a program only for Realtors through the National Association of Realtors, which means that it is based on private (mls) data and public data.  As opposed to Zillow (public data) which all of my clients love to use as it makes great use of graphs and reports to give a “Zestimate”.  Don’t get me wrong, I like and use Zillow too, but I know it is only as good as the public data.  When you consider that we in Cochise County are one of only 3 Counties in the United States that are NOT computerized, you may realize the limitations of the Zillow program for our area.  Recently I was contacted by a client looking to purchase property “back home” in California.  They had identified a former property they had owned which they had been told by friends was vacant.  I was able to make a report for them witch included photos, home facts, maps, comparables, property history, sales history, legal description, financing activity, estimated home values in the area, estimated changes in values over the last year, value per square foot, flood imaging, housing stats and charts, sales volume and listing volume for the area, listing inventory, distressed properties in the area, price and age range of homes in the area, population and the breakdown in the area, economic statistics, and even voting statistics, and so much more!!!


I am also able to get property reports, sellers reports, and marketing reports.  Want a detailed report on your property?  Want to know what is selling in your neighborhood?  Looking at a home and wondering what would be a good price for it?  Wondering about distressed properties in your area?  Just call or email and I will be happy to make you a report with my new toy and shoot it off to you!  Let me know how this program can help you.


Just imagine how this is helping me with my business!  What a wonderful program!

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